Ideas To Make A Living Sewing

Ideas To Make A Living Sewing that will give you the push you are looking for to keep working in your sewing room and start making money with something you love to make.

As the world is changing so fast, many are looking to start working from home, sewing can be started as a hobby, but when you get good at it, you might have the perfect activity to make a living from it.

Ideas To Make A Living Sewing

Be A Seamstress – As in any community there is always a piece of clothing to repair, you can start helping others to make those sewing repairs they don’t want to do or they don’t know how to do it.

Whether is sewing on a button or making a dress shorter, there is always the need to get some help to do this job. If you’re lucky to know how to do it, people in your community will soon spread the word and you will get busy enough to make some money from what you love to do.

Make Clothes – There is always the need to make a perfect new dress for any occasion, whether is a prom, a wedding or any other type of event. When you have learned how to sew and you’re good at it, there will be always someone who is interested that you can make for them that piece of cloth. You always can start making any type of clothing for your friends and when you get more experience you will be able to grow your business, making a dress for a prom or for a wedding can make you some good money!

Write Your Own Blog Many people around the world are more interested to learn how to sew and to get skilled at sewing, if you’re good at it, it might be the opportunity for you to share your knowledge with others, whether you want to share some tips in general about sewing, or if you’re good at some type of sewing, there is always people who are willing to get some tips to get better at it, when your blog gets known, you might also want to consider writing for other bloggers, there is always an opportunity for you to write some articles for other blogs and you can start your freelance career as a sewing writer.

Own Your Own Shop – Interested on creating your own clothing, there is always an opportunity to open your store to sell your own creations, whether is clothing, quilts or if you get specialized with one type of clothing.

Teach How To Sew – When you love to sew and when you love to share your knowledge you always can look for a job at a sewing school or in a fabric store where sewing courses are offered to the public, but another way to make a living teaching sewing to others is online, you can start your own YouTube channel sharing your best tips to help others to start sewing and learn new skills. Sewing online courses would be another option for you.

Create Your Own Sewing Patterns

When you’re good at sewing, it might be easy for you to create any pattern for making a dress or for any home decoration projects, many will be interested to buy from you a pattern to make any sewing project. You always can specialize in one type of sewing patterns like making dresses, childrens clothing, home decor or other. Open an online store, so people can find you and buy from you a sewing pattern.

If you’re a beginner and you’re interested to know if you can Teach Yourself Sewing, you might find a few tips on this article.

Ideas To Make A Living Sewing, Closing Thoughts

People around the globe love to sew, and some of them are just starting, learning to sew is easy for some while is not the same for others, from teaching, sharing some tips or creating your own patterns to sell to other sewers, could be the idea you might be looking for to start making a living sewing.

Keep doing what you love to do, and try one or two ideas to start making some money from your projects, as you get to know more about what people are looking for, you will know better their needs and you will know what products they are asking for.

Sewing has been around for many years, helping many to make a full living from it, today with the internet, sewers around the world have a new opportunity to keep doing what they love to do and make a living at the same time.

If you have another idea to make money with sewing, share it on a comment, you’ll be helping more sewers to grow their careers.

Happy Sewing!

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Ideas To Make A Living Sewing

3 thoughts on “Ideas To Make A Living Sewing”

  1. This article is important for me because I have someone in my family who has just started her own business. I have found some great ideas in your post. I like the idea of teaching how to sew.  Never thought about that. I will talk about this opportunity. This idea is a great way to add some extra revenues. In fact, I think that it could be the main part of your business.

  2. Sewing is something people can learn by seeing the craft in action. For example, when I don’t know how to sew a particular pattern, I will just check YouTube videos, and the number of step-by-step videos is just overwhelming. So I think if you’re good at sewing, and you’re not too camera-shy, I think making videos featuring tips and techniques is a good start to monetize your sewing skill. 

  3. My aunt did remarkably well with this as her talent won her many contracts to get certain tasks done.  She made items like quilts, stuffed dolls, stuffed animals, pillows, and various clothing items.  It served as an inspiration to take that pioneering spirit and go with it!

    I’m not exactly a sewing genius myself but do know nowadays the information age has never been as thorough and available as it is now.  Using that to refine a specialized niche, like sewing, literally does open up a flurry of doors that otherwise would have remained closed.

    As harsh as this pandemic has been, it has triggered a pioneering spirit among some who’ve decided to carve out their own paths for themselves instead of relying on sources – who’ve already let them down – do it for them.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for such people, especially those who have talent with the needle and thread to make really cool stuff!

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