Easy Pincushion Tutorial (One-of-a-kind)

When you’re new to sewing then an easy sewing project to make would be the best to start with, the Easy Pincushion Tutorial won’t take you long to make!

The origami Pincushion is so easy to make that you won’t believe you could make it that fast, I’m sure after you finish the first one you’ll be making a few more to give them as a gift to your friends who love to sew too.

When you love to sew, making a pincushion may be in the top of your To Do List, to have in one place the pins, needles and safety pins you use all the time while sewing.

“A pincushion (or pin cushion) is a small, stuffed cushion, which is used in sewing to store pins or needles with their heads protruding to take hold of them easily, collect them and keep them organized” Wikipedia.

To make your own Pincushion won’t take long and with two simple sewing steps and a couple of hand stitches, in less than 30 minutes you’ll have a beautiful new pincushion in your hands!

Everyone at your sewing class will be asking you how to make a pincushion like yours, you’ll feel so proud of yourself as you show the easy steps to make it!

Easy Pincushion Tutorial (One-of-a-kind)

Materials To Make the Pincushion

Easy Pincushion tutorial2 pieces of cotton fabric of 9 x 9″

Pillow stuffing

1 button

Needle, thread.


Sewing machine

Easy Pincushion Tutorial

The Origami Pincushion is so easy to make that you don’t need a FREE Pincushion pattern to make it, you only need to follow the steps I share on the tutorial to make it!

1. Trace an 8″ circle in the wrong side of one of the two pieces of fabric with a pencil.

Run your sewing machine all over the pencil, don’t forget to leave one open space of 1 1/2″ to turn it out. Trim the circle with the help of a pair of scissors and make small cuts in the seam all around the edge.

Easy Pincushion Tutorial

2. Turn it out and push the edge out, press.

Easy Pincushion Tutorial

3. Trace a 3 3/4″ square in the center with a pencil. Run your sewing machine over the traced pencil line and leave an open space in the same side where you left open in the circle.

Easy Pincushion Tutorial

4. Put some stuffing for pillows in the square, sew by hand to close both open spaced, (the square and in the circle)

Easy Pincushion Tutorial

5. Take two of the sides and fold each one to the center and make two or three small stitches, don’t cut the thread.

Easy Pincushion Tutorial

6. Take the other two sides of the circle to the center and make two or three small stitches, finish and cut the thread.

Easy Pincushion Tutorial

7. Fold the corners to the back to make the origami flower. Sew a button in the center.

You can find the folding scissors on the photo here!

how to make a pincushion

The Origami pincushion is finished and it looks fantastic! Well done!

Easy sewing projects to make like the pincushion is a great beginning for anyone new to sewing! Having a pincushion right next to you while you work on your sewing projects will help you to have your pins, needles and safety pins in one place and ready to be use!

You can make also an eco – friendly fabric bag

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Easy Pincushion Tutorial


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  1. Hello Alex, thanks for this educational post, I am a big fan of hand made stuff and my daughter is very much interested in learning new things always no matter how small, so I became her teacher, lol. I have taught her quite some few things like stitching and making flowers, but I believe this would make so much sense to her. The process seem pretty easy to me  but its easier said than done  so I’ll put it to practice and see how good I can be. Best regard

  2. Hello Alex, thanks for sharing this  simple guide. To be honest, I have always admire sewing as an art for so long but I lack skills in it and that has always deter me from going into it. Thanks for sharing this guide as to sewing a pincushion. This could br my very first sewing project. So, I will gladyly try out the tips you’ve given here out. Thumbs up

  3. Hello Alex, thank you for sharing your knowledge on how to make pincushion. I am not so much into sewing but my mum is and she has been telling me about how she really wants to learn how to make pin cushions. Your steps are really easy and I didn’t know that it wasn’t something so technical. I will most definitely share this with her. I’m sure shell be very happy.

  4. Hello ale, thank you very much. I have just grown a liking for sharing your good trips on how to make easy pincushion. I see when I am in my free time and I know that crocheting, sewing and knitting are very good ways to help with stress and this is why I do it when I am free. It’ll be really nice to add pincushion to my list. Doesn’t look so hard and the tools are easy to grab too. The end product also looks good. I’ll give it a try. Thank you!

  5. Thanks for sharing the guide involved in the making of a pincushion. This is actually much more easier to make than I would have expected but all the same, it feels good to learn to make. I decided to get back to sewing after some years that I left it so, I decided to learn some basics online and I’m glad this was shared. I would make sure to replicate this immediately and if I can, I would live to share the product of my pincushion with you. Cheers

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