Brother RXR3240 Computerized Sewing Machine Review

Brother RXR3240 Computerized Sewing Machine Review, this computerized model comes with 140 built-in stitches, and an extra-large CD screen that’s white on Black for easy viewing.

This is a very easy to use model, so that if you’re just starting into sewing or a more seasoned sewer, you will be at ease working with this sewing machine

Brother RXR3240 Computerized Sewing Machine Review

Brother RXR3240 Computerized Sewing Machine ReviewThe Brother RXR3240 Features

  • 140 stitches
  • 8 one-step buttonhole styles
  • Easy wind bobbin system
  • Automatic needle threader
  • 7 point feed dogs for a smooth fabric feed
  • 9 presser feet
  • Spring action quilting foot and 1/4 inch piecing foot
  • A hardy dust cover
  • Speed control lever
  • Start/stop button
  • Bright LED light
  • Has a wide table for your larger projects
  • Easy read LCD display – white on black
  • Top drop bobbin that’s jam resistant
  • Accessory storage area
  • Needle up/down position stop
  • 850 stitches per minute
  • Adjustable tension control dial

140 Built-In Stitches

The machine has 140 built-in stitches with 8 one-step automatic buttonhole styles, and 1 sewing lettering font with 55 alphanumeric characters.

Under the cover is a display of the satin and font stitches, and on the front of the machine is the 140 stitch chart.

You can add some very good quality custom detail to your projects with the satin stitches.

The stitch width for this model is 7 mm and the 5 mm for the length, and are adjustable.

It has the reverse stitch button for reinforcing stitches when needed.

There are push buttons to select your stitches on the LCD display, and it will show you what foot is recommended for that stitch.

For your buttonhole stitches place your button in the special foot and the machine automatically stitches to fit that specific button.

There is also a lever for setting the speed when stitching.


To thread your Brother RXR3240 just follow the numbered arrows imprinted on the machine and down to the needle threader.

Then put the thread onto the hook of the needle threader and push the lever down, and needle is threaded, and ready to sew.

Top Loading Bobbin

This machine comes with the top leading drop-in bobbin that keeps your bobbin in place giving quality even stitches.

There is a diagram where the bobbin goes, and how the thread is guided out, and with the clean plastic cover you can tell when the thread is getting low.

To wind the bobbin there is a guide imprinted on the top of the machine for the thread direction, and has its own separate motor for the winding, and will automatically stop when bobbin is full.

7 Points Feed Dogs System

The feed dogs on this model are of the 7 point system, and will give you an even feed of the material you are sewing, Just push a lever to lower the feed dogs for the free motion quilting.

The machine comes with 9 presser feet

  1. Blind stitch foot for hems on pants legs, sleeves, and home decor projects.
  2. Overcasting foot can be used to protect the edges of your fabric from fraying.
  3. 1/4 inch foot will give accurate 1/4 inch seams while quilt piecing.
  4. Spring action quilting foot – keeps your stitches consistent while working on varying fabric layers
  5. Buttonhole foot
  6. Button sewing foot – makes quick work of sewing buttons on.
  7. Spring action zigzag foot – very useful when sewing different thickness of fabric.
  8. Zipper foot – attach zippers easily on the left or right sides.
  9. Monogramming foot – is very useful for decorative heirloom, and alphanumeric sewing stitches.

The presser foot is raised by the handle to change them.


  • 4 bobbins
  • Seam ripper
  • Needle set
  • Twin needles
  • Cleaning brush
  • 3 spool caps
  • Foot control pedal
  • Wide Table
  • Accessory pouch
  • Durable dust cover
  • Power cord
  • Extra spool pin
  • Instructional DVD
  • Operating Manual

LED Bright Lighting

There is a bright LED light that’s aimed over the needle working area which is very handy when sewing darker fabrics or doing finer work.

The Wide Table

The Extension table for this sewing machine is 15 inches long by 9.75 inches wide, and has a ruler printed on its front for quick measurements.

By removing the accessory tray to connect the extension table will give you access to the free arm for sewing sleeves, cuffs, shirt or other more difficult sewing fabrics.

Dimensions Of The Brother RXR3240 Sewing Machine

This machine is 17.3 inches long by 12.5 inches high, and 8 inches deep.

It weights 11.02 pounds so will be easily portable.

Brother Sewing Machine Warranty

It has a 25-year limited warranty and free phone support in the US

Brother RXR3240 Pros And Cons


  • Automatic needle threading
  • Easy bobbin winding
  • Easily portable
  • Enough stitches and presser feet
  • Good for beginners and the more experienced sewers


  • No automatic thread cutter
  • No adjustable foot presser

Is The Brother RXR3240 Sewing Machine Good For Beginners?

Brother RXR3240 Computerized Sewing Machine ReviewBrother Corporation is always in the aim to design easy to use sewing machines to help beginners to start sewing from day one! This model is not the exception, as a beginner you’ll feel comfortable to start sewing with it.

Take your time to watch the instructional DVD and also take your time to try the machine working on some samples before you start working on a project.

Is The Brother RXR3240 Good For All Sewing Projects?

This sewing machine is designed to work great on many different projects, it will work great on cloth construction, home decor and making quilts, however, this is not a model to work as a heavy-duty sewing machine, in case you have on your project list to work with many layers of denim, canvas or upholstery, I will suggest taking a look to the Heavy Duty Sewing Machines.

Is The Brother RXR3240 Good For Making Quilts?

Yes, this is a model designed to help beginners and more advanced quilters to work with ease on their quilting projects.

You’ll have no problem at all to work on the top piecing as this machine comes with the 1/4 inch foot, it also comes with the spring motion quilt foot that will work great on your free motion quilting.


The Brother RXR3240 Computerized Sewing And Quilting Machine is very user friendly

It would be an excellent machine for beginner sewers and quilters, as well as the experienced sewer.

As this machine is not too overly priced, you might want to check it out, and give it a test run on your sewing projects.

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  1. Fantastic! I am very excited about this computerized sewing machine that gets a thumbs up for beginners. I definitely want to start out with some easy basics, but it’s great to have the computerized features available. It’s amazing to get 140 stitches built-in! Seems like that is going to be a versatile machine no matter what the skill level of the person who is using it. I appreciate you sharing a great break-down of how this sewing machine is expected to perform.

    • Hi Aly

      I’m glad you find this sewing machine review helpful to find a model to start sewing, you’ll have no problems at all with it as a beginner. 

  2. Well your website we found just came in handy as ever, as our sewing machine just crapped out on us today. This Brother RXR3240 computerized sewing machine sounds like a good bet for us. We needed something newer and with more functions which this one definitely has compared to our old dead one. Can you get different programs to put on this sewing machine or should I say updates for it? We would appreciate if you have any advice on different models that we could compare this one to before we purchase this one. Thanks in advance and thank you for a great review.

    • Hi Zack

      This is a great sewing machine to replace an old one, this is a computerized model which means will help you to work on your projects with ease, however this is not a sewing machine that can be connected  to the internet to get different programs to work on this machine, if you’re interested to get a model that you can get connected to the internet to get different programs on it you might be interested to take a look to more sophisticated models

  3. I’m a person that is considering starting sewing so this article came just in time, in my search to start out, without a doubt the Brother RXR3240 in on the top of my list for quality products at a great price
    I totally agree with the strong points of this awesome Brother sewing machine, of course, this must be merit the great quality that Brother Products are known for…

    Again thank you for bringing this great product to the public attention, thanks!

    • Hi Mark

      As a beginner sewer you will have no problems to set up this sewing machine and start working on your projects! 

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