How To Bobbin A Brother Sewing Machine

Bobbin A Brother Sewing Machine is easy as the new models come with a top loading bobbin, follow the printed diagram on your machine.

What Is A Bobbin?

Any sewing machine needs two threads to deliver high quality stitching on any project, one thread is on the top and the second thread comes from the bottom.

A bobbin is a small spool where you can wind thread on it. You can use the same thread you’re using on a sewing project for the top and also for the bottom thread, this way the stitching will be high quality on any project.

How To Bobbin A Brother Sewing Machine

Brother Corporation is always looking for a way to design and built sewing machines that can help beginners and more advanced sewer’s life to be easier and better.

I’ve been sewing with this brand for a few years, and today I will share the steps I follow to bobbin a Brother Computerized sewing machine.

Some steps might change from one model to another, but you can find the right steps to follow on your sewing machine manual.

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Bobbin A Brother Sewing Machine

Step 1 – Get a New Bobbin

Every time you need to wind a new bobbin to continue stitching on a sewing project or if you need to change thread on your sewing machine, because the sewing project you’re working on news a different thread color or thread thickness, you will need to get an empty bobbin.

Bobbin A Brother Sewing Machine

Step 2 – How To Thread The Bobbin

Brother sewing machines use bobbins that come with a hole on the top, every time you need to wind a bobbin, you need to thread the bobbin through this hole, it will help you to hold the thread in place when you start winding a new bobbin

Bobbin A Brother Sewing Machine

Step 3 – How To Wind A Bobbin

Insert the threaded bobbin into the winding shaft and push it to the right, hold with your fingers the thread and push the foot control to wind 5 or 6 times the bobbin, stop the machine and with the help of a pair of scissors cut the thread from the top of the bobbin, now you can continue winding the bobbin, start the machine by pressing the start button if your machine is computerized or use the foot pedal to start the machine.


Bobbin A Brother Sewing Machine

Step 4 – How To Remove Bobbin From The Winding Shaft

When the bobbin is full, the machine will stop winding, push to the left the winding shaft and remove the bobbin from it, now you can cut the thread with a pair of scissors.

Most Brother machines will stop winding the bobbin when it is almost full by itself or some will slow down, in the second case, stop the machine

Bobbin A Brother Sewing Machine

Step 5 – How To Install The Bobbin On A Brother Machine

When the bobbin is wound, you can install the bobbin on your machine, most Brother sewing machines are top loading, which will help you to get the bobbin in its place in just a few seconds.

Turn off your sewing machine (to avoid any accident) and turn the hand wheel on your machine to raise the needle. Lift up the clear cover by pressing the button, remove the clear cover.

Drop in the bobbin by following the diagram that is printed on your machine or on the instruction manual, hold the bobbin in your fingers with thread coming from the bottom and to the right, drop the bobbin in, slide thread through the bottom slit, and pull it around following the printed diagram and cut the thread.

Step 6 – Replace the Clear Cover

Follow the instructions to replace the clear cover, and the bobbin is ready!

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Why You’re Sewing Machine Is Having Stitching Problems?

Winding a sewing machine might be different from one model to another, be sure to read your machine manual to follow the instructions to winding a bobbin on your model.

Many stitching problems on a sewing machine are not hard to fix, one of the most common stitching problems is when a bobbin is not well-placed on a sewing machine, if you have any doubts, the easiest way is to remove the bobbin, read again the steps to follow on your machine’s manual and insert the bobbin again.

How To Know What Type Of Bobbin You’re Sewing Machine Uses?

Some bobbins are made of metal and some of plastic, the best way to know what type of bobbin your machine uses is to check the information on your machines manual.

Always purchase the right type of bobbin for your machine.

What Bobbin Is Better To Use On A Brother Sewing Machine?

On your sewing machine manual you can find what type of bobbin is best for your machine, it’s always better to buy the right type of bobbin for your machine and it will help the machine to deliver better stitching quality and will help the machine to last for longer in best conditions.

You can purchase bobbins designed and made for your Brother sewing machine with the sewing machine dealer in your area or you can purchase them online.

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Always read your Brother Sewing Machine manual to learn more about what type of bobbin is best for your machine, as Bother Corporation has many different models, it states on the manual bobbin type can be different from one model to the other.

How To Bobbin A Brother Sewing Machine Closing Thoughts

Brother Corporation is always looking for a way to improve their sewing machine design to make it easier for new and more advanced sewer’s to get their machines ready to work on a new project or to continue working on a project.

Winding a new bobbin on your Brother sewing machine is now easier than ever and it only takes a few seconds to do it!

Whether you like to wind a few bobbins at the same time, to continue working on a sewing project without the need to stop to wind a new bobbin, or if you prefer to wind a new bobbin at the time to avoid the waste of thread, this step is easier than ever on the new sewing machines!

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Bobbin A Brother Sewing Machine

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  1. i have been sewing for more than fifty years and I still find it amazing how many people have an issues with winding a bobbin on a sewing machine. I have a Brother sewing machine machine with very clear instructions engraved on the machine, as most other machines these days. Yet so many people still seem to miss the clear instructions.

  2. Hi, I’m pleased to meet you. I have gone through your article, and I find it very educative and interesting. I did not know that any sewing machine needs two threads to deliver high quality stitching. I’m thrilled by how you explain what bobbin is, and the way the explained how to bobbin a brother sewing machine. This is a very helpful information, thank you for sharing.

  3. Honestly at the beginning of the blog I did not know what a bobbin was. Everything is explained in detail from the first step, how to set it up, how it works, what types exist and how to choose the best one for your machine… I learned a lot of new things, really informative and useful blog, great job.

  4. My wife has just taken on sewing as her new hobby and is looking for patterns and information online. I will definitely share your site with her. Knowing the kind of bobbin you need and how to properly install and remove it from the machine is important. While she does not have a Brother machine, I am sure she will get a lot out of your page. 

  5. I’m on this earth 43 years and I now know what a bobbin is I found your article to be very educational, as every pic and description was well thought out and placed. I remember my grandmother sewing everything by hand she would have loved to use one of these machines. Are there different size bobbins for different size machines or is one size fits all

  6. Frankly speaking, I have never done any sewing using a machine. And seeing how you were installing a bobbin on a brother machine. Well even a neubie like me can now do some wonders using the five steps given, although the machines may differ from time to time. I think the concept might still be similar. And thank you for sharing such an informative article.

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