Best Mini Sewing Machines of 2022

With the growing interest on learning to sew to make all kinds of sewing projects for your home or new garments for yourself or for your family, today you can find a wide selection of the Best Mini Sewing Machines of 2020

As you might be a beginner, you might want to attend some sewing classes or workshops to learn the skills of this wonderful new hobby for you from more advanced sewers.

Carrying with you all your materials to work with at the new class will mean to carry not just one bag but sometimes you’ll be carrying two or three, thinking about you, most of the manufactures have thought of the good idea of making mini sewing machines so you can carry yours in a bag that isn’t too heavy.

Thinking about this, manufactures have made the sewing machines you can trust on as they make them with the best quality so that you can work with them anywhere.

As you learn the new skills on the mini sewing machine, you might be ready to get a sewing machine for beginners or for intermediate or advanced sewers, but you might keep the mini sewing machine to carry it with you to anywhere you want to keep working on your sewing projects, sewing classes, workshops or even on your vacations.

If you’re looking for a mini Sewing Machine to take with you to a sewing class or on vacation or to do a small sewing project around the house, then these mini machines reviews should help you out

Top Mini Sewing Machines 2020 Reviews

I’ve tried some of these mini sewing machines myself and I’ve seen some friends and some students working on the others models I’m sharing here on this post.

I’ve seen the convenience of having them when the sewer is a beginner and for the intermediate and advanced sewers to have a light compact sewing machine to bring to the different classes or workshop so we all can keep working on them while learning a new sewing or quilting technique.

The Singer 1234 Sewing Machine

best mini sewing machine - Mini Sewing Machine1 – This sewing machine is good for someone starting to sew. It has a quick and easy threading with the stitches having a preset length and width for the stitch, making the stitch selection very easy.

This is a sewing machine designed and built with young sewers in mind, is a sturdy machine, easy to set up and start sewing. It comes with only 6 stitching patterns but you can make a good number of projects with them.

Singer provides a good collection of stickers to encourage you to decorate your sewing machine and make of it a unique unit that only you have!

Another bonus with this model is that you get access to an online class showing you how to use your new sewing machine.

What Sewing Projects Can I Make With The Singer 1234?

There are many projects you can make with this sewing machine, from making face masks, tote bags, some simple home decoration projects, sewing a patch, or mending a pair of jeans.


  • Six built-in stitches
  • Easy to set up and start sewing
  • Three presser feet
  • Affordable price


  • This is a sewing machine for basic sewing, you can’t sew many layers of fabric or sewing with thick fabrics.
  • This is a front load bobbin machine, it will take some time to get used to it.


FamYum Sewing Machine

Best Mini Sewing Machines - Sewing Machine

2 – This portable sewing machine is 10.2 inches high by 4.8 inches wide, and 10.8 inches in length, so an easy fit into your tote bag.

It has 12 preset stitch patterns for your home sewing projects or any crafting or quilting you need to do.

There are 2 speeds with a hand switch or foot pedal to control the low and high speeds.

Also, has a built in needle threader adjustable length and width for the stitches and a place for storing accessories.

It has 2 thread spools, 2 bobbins, 1 needle and 1 adapter, and also requires batteries but the power supply and batteries can not be used at the same time, always check the operating manual before using for the first time.

What Projects Can I Make With This Sewing Machine?

This is a multi purpose machine, perfect for making many home decor, creation and altering clothes, making crafts and more!

It will be a great machine to help you to make face masks!


  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight to carry around the house
  • It comes with 12 stitch patterns
  • Can help you to make a good number of projects


  • It won’t help you to work on big projects such as making quilts


Portable Electric Sewing Machine

Best Mini Sewing Machines - Sewing Machine3 – This a very easy to use mini sewing machine that comes with basic features and straight stitching only, but it will help you to learn the basics of sewing and start your creative journey.

If you want to give a try to sewing without the need to break the bank to learn the basics of sewing, this is a model you can give it a try!

From starting to make face mask, tote bags, and even sew with denim, this is the model you want to have at home.

What Sewing Projects Can I Make With This Mini Sewing Machine?

You can make a few different projects with this mini sewing machine, starting with face mask with different types of fabric, to make your own tote bags, or making easy projects for your home decoration.


  • Easy to set up and start sewing
  • Basic features to help you to make some projects
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to carry around the house or to travel with
  • This is an affordable machine to start your creative journey!


  • Straight stitching only
  • Not a good model if you want to sew big projects



Luby Mini Sewing Machine

Best Mini Sewing Machines - Sewing Machine4 – If you’re looking for a small and portable sewing machine that comes with enough features to help you to learn the basics of sewing, the Luby Mini sewing machine might be the model you’re looking for.

It has a low/high speed that will help you to start sewing and get more confident to use the high speed mode when you’re ready!

It comes with 12 stitching patterns that you can select the one to use by turning the knob, and it also comes with a 4 step buttonhole presser foot!

At the time to think about starting to make some clothing, you can trust on this machine will help you all the way, it has the free arm so you can work on the making of sleeves, cuffs and other hard to reach areas while sewing with ease.

What Sewing Projects Can I Make With This Sewing Machine?

As this mini sewing machine comes with a few features similar to the regular size machines, you can make more projects with it, from sewing face mask to start making your own clothing, or even work on the making of some home decoration items such as pillow cases or a tablecloth.


  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • Comes with a few more features like, free arm, low/high speed button, buttonhole presser feet.


  • It can’t sew thick fabrics
  • If you get into sewing more seriously, you will need to upgrade this machine for a better one soon.



Michley Lil’ Sew and LSS-202 Sew & Sew Mini Sewing Machine

Best Mini Sewing Machines - Sewing Machine5 – This little portable sewing machine is ideal for beginners, it’s easy to use, light to carry and it will help you to develop the sewing skills you need to work on different sewing projects you want to make in the future.

If you’re a beginner or if you want to give a sewing machine to a young person who is already interested on this hobby(9 – 12 years old), you might want to go one more step like starting with a toy sewing machine.

This machine was made to help you to start with this new creative hobby but it won’t promise you the moon! You will love to learn to work with a sewing machine while making easy sewing projects.

This is a compact sewing machine with a weight of only 5.4 lbs that makes it easy to carry to your sewing classes or workshops.

Every button on this sewing machine comes with an easy diagram to see that it will help any beginner sewer to use them as you work with it.

If you’re looking for a small and light sewing machine to start with your new hobby, you might want to give it a try.

What Sewing Projects Can I Make With This Mini Sewing Machine?

As this is a straight stitching only machine, you need to think about making projects with this stitching pattern, for this reason, the projects you can sew should be simple and easy to make, from face mask making, tote bags, simple clothing and some mending.


  • Easy to carry around the house or to travel with.
  • Easy to set up and start sewing
  • Affordable


  • If you’re really interested to learn to sew, this is a machine that will help you to start with, but you will need to upgrade soon for a better model.
  • You will be limited to work on a few projects only.


Chooling Sewing Machine

Best Mini Sewing Machines - Sewing Machine6 – A nice mini sewing machine that is becoming the favorite of many beginners sewers!

With only 5.19 pounds, this is a mini sewing machine easy to carry around the house or to carry to your sewing classes or retreats.

It comes with two speeds, low and high, if you’re a beginner sewer, you will love this features as you can start making your first projects with low speed to get used to sew with your new machine, as you get more skilled, you can try high speed to get your projects in no time!

This mini sewing machine also comes with its own light to help you to work with dark fabrics with ease!

What Projects Can I Make With This Mini Sewing Machine?

As starting with your sewing journey, you won’t have any problem to work on some easy to sew projects as face mask, tote bags, and even some easy to sew garment construction.


  • Affordable
  • 12 built-in stitches
  • 2 sewing speeds – slow and high
  • Good size to work on more projects


  • This is a model to start learning to sew or to have it as a back up machine.


Singer Tradition Sewing Machine

Best Mini Sewing Machines - Sewing Machine7 – Singer has for you a easy to set sewing machine with enough features to help you to make a good number of different projects.

When you get serious about learning to sew, the best option would be to buy a small model designed and built with beginners sewers in mind that will last for many years in your sewing room.

If you have in mind to start sewing easy projects like some home decorations, easy to sew clothing and some face masks, this is a machine you might want to have at home.


  • A good quality sewing machine brand
  • Easy to set up and start sewing
  • Can handle different type of fabrics
  • It will last for many years


  • It’s not a mini sewing machine.
  • It comes with a few features only


What Are The Benefits of choosing a high quality Mini Sewing Machine?

As you have decided to give it a try into this new hobby, you might want to get the best quality equipment you can afford to buy, in most of the cases, buying a mini sewing machine won’t mean the need to spend big amounts of money, but you want to get the best quality sewing machine you can find in the market.

The good idea to buy the mini sewing machine is to help you to start the first learning steps on your new hobby and for your kids too, you might be learning together using it without the need to be worried if you’re doing it right or not.

Most of these mini sewing machines on this post are made with high quality, and they will help you to work with them with ease.

No matter where you are if there’s electricity, or not, you can keep working on your sewing projects as most of these models can work with AA batteries as well.

Another benefit of having one of these mini sewing machines at home is that you won’t have any problem at all at the time of working on a job of mending or patching one garment fast, or making a small sewing project.

What Features to have in mind when choosing a Mini Sewing Machine?

When you decide to buy your new Mini Sewing Machine, you’ll be shopping in the market to see what are the best ones in the market, before you decide to get the first one you see, or maybe the cuter and nicer, there are some aspects you need to keep in your mind.

As the price might not be high on most of the models you’ll find in the market, it’s better to take your time to know more about the qualities of each model before you hand out your money or your credit card.


Most of the people will check on the name of the brand and many times the name goes hand in hand with the quality and the warranty.

No matter if you pay $30, $40 or even close to $100, you want to buy a mini sewing machine that will last for a long time while you or your kids learn about sewing.

As you can read on the reviews on this post, some have one month of warranty while with other machines it goes up to one year.

What Dimensions A Mini Sewing Machine Has?

Before you get your mini sewing machine, take your time to think about whether you’re taking it to your sewing classes or workshops or just working with it at home.

While thinking on buying it to take it to your classes, this will mean to think on the size of it to fit in a tote bag with the rest of your material and equipment for the class.

Another thing to think about is about the size of your sewing projects you’ll be working on with your mini sewing machine, if you’re thinking on making some garments for yourself or for your family members, you will need a big space in the free arm, but if you’re thinking of working on it while taking your classes on quilting or just using it to make the blocks for a quilt, a big space on the free arm will be OK then.

What Features A Mini Sewing Machine Should Have?

  • Straight stitch only or a few stitching basic patterns.
  • Can it make buttonholes?
  • Low/high speed
  • Batteries only or power cord
  • Reverse stitch

Best Mini Sewing Machines - Sewing MachineDoes It Have Free Arm?

Another good feature to have in your mini sewing machine is the free arm, most used to work on small spaces like sleeves or pant legs.

Does It Have LED lighting?

When thinking on different sewing projects with ease, having a well illuminated sewing area will be important, taking your time to find which mini sewing machine has already this feature will help you to sew better, Singer 1234

Can You Control The Speed?

Mini sewing machines tend to have lower stitch speed than the regular sewing machines, but this won’t stop you to shop to find which one is the one that have the higher stitch speed, as it will help you to work better on different sewing projects.

Automatic needle threader

Since the first time a sewing machine came out on the market with this feature, it has been a game changer for many sewers, it’s a time saver and you don’t need to work hard to thread the needle in your sewing machine.

You can read also The Best Sewing Machines for Beginners here!

Closing Thoughts For The Best Mini Sewing Machines

I hope you find this post helpful to find the Mini Sewing Machine you’re looking for to work on your sewing projects, if you have any question, write your question in a comment, I’ll be happy to help you.


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  1. Thank you so much for the awesome post!  My wife loves to sew, and I have been trying to find the best machine I can for her, as she does not have one!  I really like the KPCB.  It looks like something she would be surprised and happy to see on Christmas.  That being said, she has not, to my knowledge, ever used a sowing machine.  Do you think this one would be okay to start with?

  2. My daughter saw a commercial about a sewing machine and she told me how it would be nice to know how to sew!! My grandmother used to sew a lot, she even made her daughters’ wedding dresses. She truly was a professional at it. I myself often thought how awesome it would be to be able to sew. I wish my mom would have taughtt me… I know it’s still possible to learn. This review makes me want to buy a quality sewing machine and dive into it!!

  3. I love this! Sewing if definitely making a comeback and I’m ready to learn more.

    I would love to have a mini Sewing Machine like this to take to sewing
    class so thanks for taking the time to review multiple minis and providing the pricing.

    Which one is your top pick? I think I like the Janome 001 Lady Basic due to the  lightweight nature of it for travel

  4. Lovely to read about these amazing mini sewing machines. I can’t believe that I have carted by normal-sized Bernina, Husquarvarna, and Brother all over the country, by car and by plane, having to pay huge sums for being overweight, when flying and now they come out with these mini versions. 

    What a wonderful way to get youngsters interested in sewing. I learned on a child Singer sewing machine and was hooked from the very beginning. Obviously there were drawbacks but at that young age, I did not know better. When making dolls clothes and clothes for my dog to wear, it didn’t bother me, and I learned to turn the machine around to backtrack so the stitching would not come out.

    These new inventions are simply marvelous to take along to a sewing class or a quilting class. They will make a huge difference and encourage more people to get involved in sewing and quilting.

    Thank you for this very thorough overview of mini-sewing -machines.

  5. This makes it very easy for people who really loves to sew but isn’t able to buy a machine because of  the space they’ll keep it in their small apartment, I like the idea of getting the mini sewing machine mainly because of its mobility and it’s simple nature of use. I’ll share this to my wife, she sew and I know getting on of these will be a very pleasant thing to her. My favorite is the KPCB Mini Sewing Machine. Thanks for sharing it.

  6. I’m not really into the sewing thing, although I almost learnt how to sew because my step mother is a tailor. I have some friends that are into tailoring and they love the profession, I love it too.

    These mini sewing machine are perfect, light weight, have some features that amaze me; truth be told, I have never seen a sewing machine with an LED, automatic needle treader etc.

    Thanks for sharing

  7. I have always wanted to sew. As a little girl, I would create some skirt or little thing on my mother’s sewing machine. I registered in a sewing class but was not allowed to attend it. I still have the interest burning in me somewhere and would love to sew. Maybe not at a professional level. The singer 1234 Sewing machine caught my attention because it comes with a tout bag and an online class. I might be going for this machine.

    • Hi Juliet,

      I’m sorry to know you were not allowed to attend the sewing class, but I’m glad you want to learn to sew today, you made a good pick here with the Singer 1234, you might know the Singer brand is well known by its quality and its a good sewing machine to start sewing. 

  8. I have a friend that is learning tailoring right now. She started some few months ago and she is doing absolutely well. I think she will love one of these. I see some new development in the sewing machine that I have not seen before that are good for the 21st century fashion designer… Fashion designing is very lucrative here. Let me share her the link to this page… 👍🏽

  9. You have got a really useful and interesting article here, day by day, lots of people are showing interest in learning crafts and practical jobs because the fashion world is expanding rapidly and it’s accommodating a whole lot of them. Sewing is a very prominent one amongst them all, and it’s been for long, having a machine as portable as these Mini sew machines will be of great advantage to the new generation because it’ll make it easy for them to work remotely since it is something that can be moved easily. I think it’s a good one and they are all nice.

  10. I find this article really helpful and resourceful, i also sew and I’ve been into it for a very long time though not as a full time designer but I pick one or two materials to work on sometimes, my kids are my models, lol. I’ve not gotten one or these mini sewing machines before, this is the second time I’m reading about it but this detailed and more understandable, unlike the machines and I’ll definitely get one, I’ll seek the advice of my husband. Thanks for the help .

  11. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, I been spent several weeks trying to decide which sewing machine is the best! It is all so confusing! I LOVE the Singer brand but I think after reading this article I will stick with buying a normal sized sewing machine. I might still get a mini machine as they are portable but overall I want more features!

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