Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Sewing 2022

So you have decided to start sewing, it’s the first time you’ll be working on your new sewing machine and you would love to know where to start.

Sewing is a hobby where you can get as creative as you want, it might be hard to achieve at the beginning but as you keep working on it things will get easier and you’ll get better at it!

Don’t let the first tries get you down, start slow and keep working on it.

How To Start To Sew.

If you’re new at it, one good tip would be if you have a friend or a close relative who does sewing, ask he/she if you can stop for a visit to see how they work with their sewing machine.

Most likely they will say “yes, come over!” as people who love to sew they like to share their knowledge and help others to get into it.

As you watch your friend or relative as they sew, you’ll get a pretty good idea what it is to work at sewing.

But if you’re not lucky to have someone who can show you the first steps to take in this hobby, there are a few things you can do.

1. First, think positive and everything will go good, it’s just a sewing machine you’ll be working with and everything will go fine.

2. Check if there’s any sewing store in your area where they give some sewing classes open to the public, some have it even if you don’t buy from them.

Another good place to ask if they have sewing classes open for beginners is to sewing, knitting and quilting stores, if they don’t have any course for beginners, you might meet someone who knows who does and you might get the phone number or a name to follow on Social Media.

This is the way I’ve found from knitting stores, quilting and fabric stores in my area (Montreal, Canada)

3. Watch some sewing for beginners videos on YouTube.

We all are so lucky to have this Social Media Platform to learn everything we need to nowadays!

You might need to watch a few videos for this topic until you find the you tuber that speaks right to you! When you found him/her, you can watch the video as many times as you need to.

What Do You Need To Learn Before You Start Sewing.

1. Unbox Your Sewing Machine.

For many unboxing a sewing machine is like getting a new toy, at least for me it was! No matter what kind or what type I get, every time I get one, I just want to get it out of the box to see what does it look like in real, how does it work? And how good I will be at it?

When you get your new machine, take the time to read the manual, it will give you the instructions to follow to get the new machine correctly out of the box and how to set it up.

Learn about the pieces you’ll find in the box and how to keep it.

Read about the steps to set up your new machine on your work table.

2. Watch One or Two Videos Before You Turn On Your Sewing Machine For The First Time.

Most likely you’ll find a video to watch for every type and brand of sewing machine, it will give you some instructions to set it up and to start sewing with it.

beginners guide to sewing

3. Start Working On Your New Machine.

When you feel yourself comfortable to try it, take it to your work table and set it up following the manual book.

Follow the instructions to turn it on and thread it. You might want to try it for the first time with a piece of cotton fabric, the one kind quilters use to make quilts. Don’t use a thick or too thin a piece of fabric,

Start slow making some stitches, and keep like that for a few minutes, try to stop the machine and then take off the piece of fabric.

Repeat the same process a few times, you’ll feel more comfortable as you make it a few more times, try then a few different stitches.

Work on this process as many times as you need. Don’t try to sew a piece of clothing the first time you try a new machine or if you’re a newbie at sewing.

Use as many pieces of fabric to try out your new machine or if you’re a newbie, it will help you to work better at sewing and learn how your machine works.

4. Sew straight lines.

Take a piece of fabric and with a ruler trace a few straight lines on it, try to follow the lines with your sewing machine.

Hold the piece of fabric with your two hands and start slow to sew following the line, repeat this process until you make it and until you feel more comfortable following a traced line on your machine.

5. Sew curved lines.

The same way you traced straight lines on a piece of fabric, trace some curved lines on a piece of fabric and work on them with the sewing machine.

It takes practice and patience to get skilled to work on it.

How Long Does It Take To Learn To Sew?

It depends on everyone, nobody can tell you how long you need to practice before you start making that list of sewing projects you have already in your mind.

As you keep working to get better at it, you will learn how to sew easy projects first.

Start with something easy and with a project that doesn’t require lots of expertise at sewing, like a Kleenex fabric holder or a pot holder.

Another good project you can make as a beginner would be an easy tote bag, nothing fancy.

Keep at it and you’ll get better.


Sewing is a wonderful hobby to work at, as you start at it, it might be frightening and you might get to think you’re not good at it.

Everyone who is good at it, began being a beginner, I remember the first days of my sewing career, I was too young, and my mom signed me in into a class.

The teacher at that time, thought also I was too young (8 years old) to learn the trade, she kept me working on making doll’s clothing on paper for a month by hand.

As the teacher saw I was good at it, she told me I could buy some fabric to make myself a dress, I still can see in my mind that first dress I made!

From that dress, I’ve never stopped to sew, from small projects for my house to some clothing for myself and then I started to sew clothing for my children and I’ve never stopped to sew!

If you’re a newbie to sewing, welcome!

You’ll be happy you decided to join the club, soon you’ll be making every sewing project you have in your mind to sew!

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Beginner's Guide To Sewing

10 thoughts on “Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Sewing 2022”

  1. Hello Alex, you kept a big smile on my face as I was reading through this post. I could see my mum in her corner sewing and listening to slow songs. Well my daughter also has a passion for making new things especially dresses. She have been out of practicing it because there isn’t anyone who could teach her. I think I’ll start by getting her a sewing machine and then getting videos for her from YouTube on how sew. Thanks for this really wonderful post. 

    • Hi Chloe,

      I’m happy to help you, it’s wonderful how our memories can take us to remember our mum and grand mothers while they were sewing.

      I’m sure your daughter will love her new sewing machine and she will get good at it as she watch the videos on YouTube to learn the first steps to make, later, she’ll be on her own!

  2. Alex, I really enjoyed your beginner’s guide to sewing.  I remember my grandmother and mother teaching my sister how to sew clothing like dresses.  My father actually taught me sewing on a button, and how to repair small holes in my own clothes growing up as one of my scouting badges.  It is a skill set that a lot of people do not know.  I appreciate your tips about sewing and found this post very informative.  I was curious if you might do a post on different you tubers that you might recommend or are you going to put together some videos about sewing machines or different sewing patterns, etc?  Thanks for the info,


    • Hi Goldroad!

      Thanks for stopping by to read my blog today and taking the time to write a comment.

      So true, sewing is for everyone, from learning to sew a button to making dress and clothing for the family!

      I’ll wok on a list of YouTubers to follow to learn the art of sewing, from beginners to the more advances tips and tricks!

  3. Awesome post you’ve got here. Sometimes machine sewing may not be self-explanatory, but it doesn’t mean you can’t learn the skill very quickly! Reading the machine manual is very important, every machine is built differently and will need varying adjustments. With all of this information to guide you, one will be be sewing away on a project in no time. I should share this right away.


  4. Really good put together information about sewing. I learned a lot like how to start, to not be afraid and that you can make yourself clothes. It is so easy now just to go and buy from stores but to make it yourself and the way you want to is something special. Your skill that you have thanks to your mother is really something, I wish you all the best and continue with that kind of cool articles.

    • Hi Stefan,

      Thanks so much for your visit to my blog today!

      So true, we all get so used to go to the store and get everything ready, learning to sew is something we all should learn, at least the basic of sewing and a few hand stitches to make.

      Have a good one!

  5. This reminds me of my teen years when I was obsessed with sewing until came the internet. but back then my biggest issue was fear of needles and I had a hard time sewing in a straight line. This post brought back so many memories i’ll definitely start sewing again.

  6. Sewing is an art because you create and therefore you express yourself through designs. This posts brought feelings of nostalgia because growing up sewing was my second love. my main issue back then was fear of needles and sewing in a straight line. Lack of motivation can be a big issue to a beginner especially if there are so many distractions. sewing is much more fun if you are surrounded by people with a common interest.

    • Thank you so much Hope for taking the time to write a comment.

      I read you and I could see you, so true, sometimes handing a needle and be afraid not to sew straight lines, can be a big issue to many, for me it was for a long time.

      There are so many sewing groups where anyone who is interested to learn how to sew can join, it makes life happier and better while you work on your own sewing projects.

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