Autumn Easy Sewing Projects

7 Autumn Easy Sewing Projects to make, beginners and more experienced sewers will love to make, scarves, ponchos and mini quilts!.

As weather starts to change bringing fresher temperatures, all around starts to change, mother Nature also brings some of the best Autumn colors around us and you will get invited to sew a few new projects for you and your family.

Autumn Easy Sewing Projects - Mini QuiltSewing new projects for Autumn, whether you’re a beginner or the most experienced sewer, there are so many great tutorials you can make in no time! All you need is to get some fabric in Autumn colors on fabric, any type best for fresher weather like: knits, corduroy, flannel, and maybe some light wool fabrics too.

I will list a few sewing tutorials and videos you can follow to make those easy sewing projects for you, for your family and for home decor, I’m sure you will love to make them all!

7 Autumn Easy Sewing Projects To Make!

Favourite Autumn Easy Sewing Projects To Make For Beginners and Advanced Sewers

Sewing A Candy Corn Pillow

1 – This video will give you the easy steps to follow to make a cute Candy Corn Pillow just in a few minutes any sewer will love to make to add a touch of Fall to any corner in your home!

To make it you will need some cotton fabric in white, yellow, and orange, you can visit Jennie’s website to get the free pattern.

What I like of This Sewing Project

  • So easy to make
  • Add a touch of the season to any room
  • Great to make for a young kid’s room

How To Make A Poncho With A Built-In Collar

2 – As temperatures get fresher you will love to have a light poncho made with light flannel to put on, nothing better than to follow the easy steps of this tutorial to make one for you.

Don’t forget to wash and dry the flannel before you start sewing, it will help you to work better on your project and it will avoid the flannel to shrink when the poncho is all made.

What I Like Of This Sewing Project

  • It’s so easy to make!
  • A poncho always looks good on you!

How To Sew An Infinity Scarf

3 – Infinity scarves are easy to make, and I’m sure once you make your first one, soon you will be sewing many for yourself or for your family members or to give as a gift for your best friend!

A scarf is something to sew when weather starts to get fresher and you will love to make one with a soft warm material like flannel or knit fabric, it will help you to stay warm and it will add a great look to your outfit!

This sewing project is great for beginners and for sewers who have a mechanical sewing machine at home, all you need is to have a straight stitching pattern and a multipurpose presser feet.

What I like Of This Sewing Project

  • Infinity scarves are a great sewing project to make, and any sewer (beginner or the most experienced) can make!
  • You don’t need to break the bank to make one.
  • You can make it with any light fabric, for Autumn you can use any knit material, flannel, or thin wool.
  • Perfect to make as a gift for your best friend!

How To Sew A Reversible Table Runner

4 – I’m sure you will love to watch this video that will give you the easy steps to follow to sew a reversible table runner.

To dress your home for the Fall, doesn’t require spending lots of money or spending lots of time in your sewing room making projects that will take hours to finish.

Making an easy to sew table runner will help you to add the touch to your dinning room with those Autumn color fabrics you have been saving to sew something for the season.

What I Like Of This Sewing Project

  • You can make it for any table size
  • It’s made with straight stitching only
  • You can make it with the sewing machine you have at home
  • You can make it with any fabric (color or print) you already have at home!

DIY Your Own Cozy Slippers

5 – When sewing slippers you just can’t make one, you need to sew at least a couple, but when you see how easy it is to make these slippers, I’m sure you will be making at least one pair for all your family members.

Sewing a pair of slippers with the right warm and soft material, will help you to sew them in no time, you can make them from a nice and soft knit material or you can pick a flannel or fleece in your favorite color or print.

When making slippers for you and your family members, to avoid slipping and any fall, you can add a few drops of plastic or acrylic paint on the sole, let the paint completely dry before you use the slippers.

What I Like Of This Sewing Idea

  • It’s made with straight stitching pattern, you can use a basic sewing machine to make the slippers
  • It requires a good sewing level skill (medium) but it will help any beginner to make a medium sewing skill level project.
  • Slippers are so useful and they are perfect to give as a small present to anyone!

Handmade Coffee Cosy Tutorial

6 – When weather gets fresher nothing better than having a hot coffee or a hot chocolate or tea to keep you warm, sewing a coffee sleeve will help to keep your hot beverage hot for a longer time.

Once you make the first coffee sleeve, you will see how easy it is to make them, you will need to make at least two of them, to have one at home, and one at the office!

When thinking of making some small nice presents for your friends for Christmas or for their birthday, this sewing project will be on top of your list!

You can use those little pieces of fabric that were left after you finish those projects, and you save them to make something with them.

Any fabric will work good to make the coffee sleeve, but if you make them with flannel or corduroy, it will help your hot beverage to stay hot longer and it will help you to hold the hot cup without burning your fingers!

What I like of This Sewing Project

  • Easy to make any beginner sewer will love to make!
  • You can use all those small pieces of fabric you saved to make something small and useful
  • It can be made on any type of sewing machine
  • It’s made with straight stitching pattern only.
  • It won’t take long to finish it.

Pumpkin Mini Quilt Tutorial

7 – Nothing easier to make to decorate any corner at home for the season with this mini quilt with a cute pumpkin! Easy to make with the Paper Piecing Foundation pattern.

You can make the mini quilt with a few scraps of fabric you’ve been saving to make something cute!

What I like of this sewing project

  • It’s a small quilt beginners and more experienced sewers would love to make!
  • It can be done in a couple of hours.
  • Paper Piecing Foundation patterns is a great way to make a quilt’s block!

To read the tutorial and download the free pattern to make the mini quilt with a cute pumpkin click here!

Autumn Easy Sewing Projects

7 Autumn Easy Sewing Projects To Make Final Thoughts

Autumn Easy Sewing ProjectsAs the weather starts to change, as a sewer and quilter you might want to make a project for yourself or to decorate your home for the season.

Sewing is a great hobby to work on that helps us to create beautiful things to make our life easier and better, I hope you like these sewing and quilting ideas to make in time for Autumn.

All you need to make any of this sewing ideas is some fabric and your sewing machine!

Happy Sewing!

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