How To Choose A Sewing Machine

You always wanted to be more creative and start making your own clothing by yourself, the question about how to choose a sewing machine has been in your mind, today I will give you some tips to choose the right one for you.

There are many sewing machines in the market, from the small ones to the big ones that can do almost everything by themselves, but you need to check also on a few things before you decide to get that computerized sewing machine.

What do you want for the sewing machine?

Take your time to think about the reason why you want to buy a new sewing machine?

Do you want to use it to make your own clothing and your family clothing, or do you want to start a new hobby like sewing and quilting?

How many times will you use it? Once a month, twice a month or every week?

Do you want to work on your sewing machine more than once a week?

If you’re wanting to make things with your sewing machine for yourself and for your family you might be using it often, then you need to consider getting a sturdy machine.

Do You Want To Buy A Small One Or A Sewing Machine With Many Features?

Most of the sewing machines come with a few features ready to use, they will help you to work on your projects with no problem at all.

I would prefer a small sewing machine to larger mechanical ones, they come already with a few features you can use to help you to make many things.

From clothing to making many things for your home, you can also think about starting a hobby like making handmade dolls or any kind of material to decorate a home, like pillows, towels, kitchen garments or many more ideas to sew for the home.

In the other hand, you can find computerized sewing machines today in the market, they come with many features ready to use.

These sewing machines will help you to work with ease on many projects you want to work on.

Most of them come with buttons that you can set up to work with one feature or the other.

The price of these machines will go from a decent price to a high price, on the contrary the mechanical sewing machines are more affordable.

Buying Your First Sewing Machine

Are you looking to buy your first sewing machine or have you worked on a sewing machine already?

In case you’re new to this new hobby, I will recommend you to visit a dealer before you buy any and ask them if you can try one or two sewing machines they have for new customers to try.

You can also ask the dealer if they have a workshop to sign up to learn the basics of working with a sewing machine.

By trying first a sewing machines, you’ll know in advance if this new hobby is for you or not before you make any purchase.

Once you know that you love the idea to start this new hobby.

It’s time to get your new sewing machine.

I must say, I can’t tell you which one is the right one for you, not all the people are the same and you’ll be the best one to know the needs you have to start this new hobby.

I will share here a few Sewing Machines I had in my life.

My earliest memories from a sewing machine are from the visit to my grand mother’s house, she used to use an old Singer, yes one of those that used to have a fancy table.

I still remember her working on it often.

Singer Featherweight

As I became interested on the art of sewing, my mother showed me the sewing machine she had, a singer featherweight.

My mom taught me how to use it and she allowed me to work on it as often as I wanted to.

My first sewing projects were to make some clothing for my dolls.

As my mother saw I was really interested to work with the sewing machine, she signed me up to a sewing class, it was then when I learn the sewing basics

how to choose a sewing machine

Vintage Bernina 700

When I turned 15 years old, my dad bought me my first own sewing machine, second hand.

I remember I used to work on it almost every day after school.

It was then when I started my own craft business, making different things to sell to my friends.

Everything went well, I could save some money to buy more fabric and a few other things.

How to choose a sewing machine

Industrial Sewing Machine – Brother 755

When I finished school (Hospitality Management) my dad told me it was time to get an Industrial Sewing Machine and grow my business.

So I got it and I grew my sewing business.

Everything went well and I could work from home for a few years, as a young mother of three boys I could make some money and take care of my family at the same time as my studio and workshop were at home.

My sewing business went well as my children were growing.

At that time I became a single mother of 3 and I kept working on my sewing business, and today my children are young adults and they are on their own.

A few years ago I got married and move to live in Canada with my husband.

I had to sell all my sewing machines and when I got here in Canada the first thing I did was to buy a new sewing machine.

This time I got a small mechanical machine.

I was afraid to work on her and didn’t like it, it was a big change from the industrial sewing machine to a small domestic machine.

After 7 or 8 years working almost every day with it, I must tell you that it works great and I have making lots of things with it.

I have made with the Brother Quilting machine many quilts and many things for my home and for my grand children.

It’s well-made and I’m happy with it.

Closing Thoughts.

As you can see, once you know you would like to start working on the sewing and quilting hobby, you might try one or two sewing machines before you buy your own.

You can ask your mom or your grand mother if they have one to let you try it. If they don’t have any, you might have a friend who also has this hobby. Try it once or twice.

Decide how much you would love to work on this new hobby and visit the dealer or read a few sewing and quilting blogs.

My advice to you would be to get a small inexpensive sewing machine first, if you’re new to this new hobby. Try it and sew a few things on it. Don’t make a big investment on it until you know you’ll love to work on it.

If you’re already on this hobby and you’re looking to buy a new sewing machine, you can shop on the internet to find the sewing machine that is right for you and for your needs.

Welcome to the work of Sewing and Quilting, it’s a wonderful place to work on, soon you’ll be making lots of pretty things for yourself, for your family, for your home and why not, as a business too!

Save it for later!

How To Choose A Sewing Machine