Is Sewing Thread From The Dollar Store Good? Read This First!

When you love to sew you might use thread for sewing by hand and with your sewing machine, but when you need to get more thread for your sewing projects on you list, you might be wondering if getting some that comes with a low price tag is a good idea or not, so let’s take a look why you should avoid it and when to use it.

Is Sewing Thread From The Dollar Store Good?

Is sewing thread from the dollar store good? It will depend on your sewing projects and whether you use it to sew on your new piece of clothing, then you should avoid it, but if you’re using this type of thread for basting your project to later stitching on with a better quality thread, then it will be a good idea to have a few spools of low price thread for basting your projects.

Dollar Store Thread

On your next visit to the dollar store in your area, you might notice on the hobbies area, it has always a couple of sewing threads that come with a low price tag, it might be tempting to get one or two sets of this thread to have in your sewing room.

If you already have one or two sets of this thread, you need to make a test first to be sure its quality is good, as you will be spending a few hours working on your next project and you want it to last for a few years.

Low quality thread might be hard to work with, it doesn’t run with ease as you sew on your sewing machine, this might be the first problem you notice, and it will make it hard for you to get all the seams in your project made with a professional finish.

It may break with ease, you need to test it first, take one spool and take a piece of thread with your two hands and pull the thread with strength and check how easy or how hard it takes to break it.

If the thread breaks with ease and fast, then avoid sewing any important seam on any project, as the stitching won’t last long, and your work will be considered low quality.

Thread might bleed, and you don’t want any bleeding on your projects, I have seen this happening when some sewers want to save some money on the thread they use.

To make a test, take one piece of thread and make some running stitches on a piece of white cotton fabric, put this piece in a glass with water and let it soak for a few hours, check then the water, if you can see any color from the tread on the water, avoid using this thread, if you can’t see any color in the water, take out the piece of fabric and let it dry, you might see some color coming up when the fabric is dry, if there is no mark of bleeding, then you can use this thread in your projects.

Using Dollar Store Thread In Your Sewing Projects

I understand some sewers can’t afford to buy thread with a high price tag, and many will need to use this thread when working on a project, there are some tips to help you to get the best from this thread.

Test the tread before you use it, it after testing it, you consider is good to be used, then you can sew with it.

Use this thread for small projects or on projects that won’t be used often.

When using this thread for basting, use only light color as they won’t leave any mark after you remove the basting from your projects, and in case you leave a project with this stitching for a few days, weeks or months, your project will be good to work whenever you go back to work on it.

Young Sewers May Want To Start To Sew

When you know a young kid who would love to learn to sew, getting a set of thread spools is something that will motivate them to sew, as kids loves to have a thread spool of each color so they can get creative on their projects.

Getting a thread set for any beginner sewer will help him/her to start sewing with one, two or maybe more threads in one project which will help them to learn how to start a stitching and how to end, reinforce and cut the thread the right way on any project.

As the young sewer gets skilled, you might want to get a better quality thread as he/she might start to sew another type of project that will last longer, and working with better quality of thread will help them to sew with ease, whether they sew by hand of with a sewing machine.


Getting a few spools of thread from the Dollar Store might be a good idea as there is always some basting to do on every project, this way you can do the basting with a thread that didn’t cost much and then you can do the stitching with a better quality thread, by doing this you will be saving some money and your brand thread will last longer.

Is Sewing Thread From The Dollar Store Good