Can You Use Sheets For Quilt Backing? Read This First!

When you’re making your new quilt, you might wonder if you can use an old sheet as a backing, and I’m sure some quilters might have told you not to use them, and some quilters might have told you that it is OK to use them, so let’s talk about a few tips to help you to decide whether or not to use them

Can You Use Sheets For Quilt Backing? Yes, you can use sheets for the bottom layer on your quilt, and it’s best to find one with 200 thread count or lower, and also will be better if is made of natural fiber like cotton, linen or bamboo.

Why To Use Sheets For Quilt Backing?

When you’re making a new quilt, you can find a wide fabric made for this purpose or you can stitch on two or more panels of fabric to make a piece big enough for your quilt.

But why to take your time to stitch together two or more panels of fabric to make one piece when you can use a bed sheet as they are made big enough and will have no seams at all, and they come in nice colors and patters.

You might have in your hands a pretty flat bed sheet and wondering if it will work good as a quilt backing, so let’s talk about a few things to consider before using it or you might need to find one that will be right to use.

Bed sheets are made to last for many years, and some of them are made with a high count of thread, which will be hard to work with, I have used one or two of these sheets and took me more time to do the hand quilting and I had to use a thimble all the time to protect my fingers so not to get hurt often.

When you do the free motion quilting on your sewing machine, using a high thread count, might be hard for your machine to work good, and you might notice in some places the needle might leave a hole, and this is due because working on a tight wave fabric is hard for your machine and you might need to use a needle for denim.

Can You Use Sheets For Quilt Backing

Bed Sheets With Lower Thread Count

When you’re looking for a bed sheet to use on your quilt backing, look for a sheet with 200 or lower thread count, and look also for a sheet made of cotton.

Low priced sheets might be the right ones to use, if you’re allowed, touch with your fingers the fabric, it should feel soft and light, avoid buying any sheet that feels tight and soft, avoid also any sheet that is made of blended fibers, these are made to last longer and the weave is tight.

Before You Use A Sheet As Quilt Backing, Make a Test

As some quilts are big enough, before you take your time to make the quilt sandwich, which can take some time to get it done, make a small test before, you always make a small quilting sandwich on a corner, and make a test whether is hand quilting or with your sewing machine, and take a look how it works and how it looks when is done.

When you’re new to quilting, you always can make a mini quilt or a quilt for a baby and test how it works at the time of working on the quilting.

Can Flannel Sheets Be Used For Quilt Backing?

Yes, it’s a good idea to use a flannel sheet as a quilt backing as these sheets are made with loose weaving, this makes them perfect to be used on the bottom layer of your quilt, whether you’ll make the free motion quilting or by hand.

Don’t forget that flannel tends to shrink often, so pre-wash the flannel sheet before using.

Closing Thoughts

Sheets can be used as quilt backing, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Get a sheet made of cotton or any other natural fiber as linen or bamboo, and the sheet you’ll be using needs to be made with lower than 200 thread counts, pre-wash it and make a test first.

There are plenty of sheets with pretty colors and patterns for you to choose one to use as backing on your new quilt.

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Happy Quilting!

Can You Use Sheets For Quilt Backing