Nine Patch Quilting Block For Beginners

The Nine Patch Quilting Block For Beginners will give you the steps to follow to make one of the basic blocks to make a quilt.

What Is A Nine Patch?

A nine patch block is one of the basic patchwork blocks to make a quilt, it is made basically with nice squares of fabric, that are sewn together on 3 strips to form a block. A nine patch quilt can be made by sewing together a number of these blocks or can be made with a combination of nine patch blocks to squares of fabric of same size.

Nine Patch Quilt Block Sizes.

Nine Patch Quilting Block - Nine Patch Block This is a Quilt block that can be made in any size you want to make it, and you don’t need to download any pattern, all you need to do is to decide what size you want to use, many quilters like to use precut square of fabric to work faster, you find those pre-cut and ready to use fabrics on sizes of 2.5 x 2.5″. 3 x 3″ and even 5 x 5″, they are time savers and your quilts will be ready in no time!

For this tutorial you need two fabrics, one in light color (flower’s) and one in dark color (mustard)

Nine Patch Quilting Block Step by Step tutorial

Nine Patch Quilting Block For Beginners

Step #1 – Cut Your Squares

As a first step when you work on a patchwork block, you need to cut the pieces you will use to make it, first you will need to cut the strips, this time I cut strips of 3″, then you need to cut those 3″ strips into 3 x 3″ squares. 5 squares from the flower’s fabric and 4 from the mustard color fabric.

You can use any square size, you can also use the pre-cut fabric squares you can buy from a specialty store or online (Amazon).

Nine Patch Quilting Block For Beginners

Step#2 – Lay The Nine Patch Pieces On Your Table

When your a beginner working on your first patchwork block, it might be easy to get the pieces in the wrong place as you sew on, to avoid any mistake, I find it easier to work on any block by laying all the pieces on the work table to have all pieces on the right place.

The nine patch block is made of three strips, I numbered the 3 strips on the picture above so you can follow the order of each strip.

  • First and third strips are made with two flower fabric squares on each edge and 1 mustard color fabric on the center
  • Second strip is made with two mustard color fabric on the edges, and one flower fabric on the center

As you get each strip ready to sew on, you can pinch two pins on each squares.

Step #3 – Trace The Seam

When working on making a patchwork block, is important to keep all the seams the same size, 1/4 inch, by doing this, it will help you to get all your blocks to the same size and it will be easier for you to work on any size quilt.

Today, most sewing machine brands designed for quilters in mind, come with a 1/4″ presser foot, if your machine comes with it, all you need is to snap it on and you can miss this step.

In case you’re sewing machine doesn’t come with the 1/4″ presser feet, (Amazon) you can trace the 1/4″ seam with the help of a patchwork ruler and a pencil.

You can also skip this step by marking 1/4″ on you’re sewing machine plate, you can find some different methods to get your seams right all the time.

Nine Patch Quilting Block For Beginners

My sewing machine comes with a new 1/4″ presser foot, and it has a clear part on it, so helpful for all sewers and quilters.

Nine Patch Quilting Block For Beginners

Once you mark you’re sewing machine with the 1/4″ seam allowance or snap on the 1/4″ presser feet, you don’t need to trace the 1/4″ on your pieces and you just can sew on.

Nine Patch Quilting Block For Beginners

Step #4 – Sew On The Strips

Sew on each strip on you’re sewing machine, you can press the seams with your fingers or with warm iron. The three strips should look like this on the right side.

Nine Patch Quilting Block For Beginners

This is how the three strips should look like on the wrong side, notice I press the seams to the center on the strips 1 and 3, and I press the seams to the edges on strip 2, by doing this, it will help me to sew on the next step with better results.

Note: I like to press both seams to same side, this is an old fashion method, if you want to open seams, it will be OK.

Nine Patch Quilting Block For Beginners

Step #5 – Sew On The Three Strips

Now it’s time to sew on the three strips together to make the nine-patch block.

Lay strip 1 on the strip 2, right side facing right side, you can pinch two or more pins and sew on you’re sewing machine one seam, open the two strips, finger press the seam, and lay strip 3 over strip 2, right side facing right side and pinch a few pins, sew on with you’re sewing machine, open and finger press seams.

Nine Patch Quilting Block For Beginners

Now you have a nine-patch block!

You can press it with warm iron.

Nine Patch Quilting Block For Beginners

Making your first Nine-Patch block will help you to know how easy it is to make a patchwork block, the next step you should work on is to cut, sew and repeat to make more blocks to make your first quilt.

What Fabric Type Is Best To Make A Nine-Patch Block?

Quilts are made using cotton 100% fabrics, and you can use any color and any print, quilters around the world love to make these block by using two different fabrics, one solid and one printed.

Another good idea is to use all the scraps you have been saving in that plastic container after you have done some sewing projects.

What Sewing Machine Is Best To Make A Patchwork Block?

Today you can find sewing machines designed and built with quilters in mind, there are many brands from which you can find a sewing machine that will match your projects list to make.

In general I could say, you can start working on your first quilt with the sewing machine (Amazon) you have already at home, all you need is to snap on the 1/4″ presser feet to work on the piecing, in case your machine doesn’t have it, you can order one online from the same brand or you can mark down the 1/4″ on your machine to sew accurate seams.

Can A Beginner Sewer Make A Quilt?

Yes, anyone who wants to make a quilt can make it, every quilter was a beginner one day, and many quilters made their first quilt making a nine-patch block!

Nine Patch Quilting Block For Beginners Closing Thoughts

Nine Patch Quilting Block - Nine Patch BlockAs a beginner you might want to start by making one of the easiest quilting blocks, by making a nine patch block you will learn the basic of piecing a quilting block.

Sew accurate 1/4″ seams, sew strips with squares of fabrics to make a strip, and then sew those strips together to make a quilting block. When you make this block you will learn the easy to follow steps to make patchwork blocks to make a quilt.

The most important thing is to enjoy the process and learn as you sew, remember all quilters began as beginners, soon as you keep working to sew more blocks for your first quilt, you will get the skills every quilter has to make any size and any quilt design.

Then, you will be working on the disappearing nine patch block and more!

Happy Sewing and Quilting!

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  1. This is a pleasant surprise. I’m a certified seamstress but I’ve never made a quilt. They really aren’t common in Guyana. I always wondered how to make one. I have never even owned one. My question may seem silly but aren’t quilts supposed to be double-sided and stuffed with something. I really don’t know. I guess I drew that conclusion from the movies.

    • Hi Candy

      Thanks so much for visit my blog today, answering your questions, yes quilts are made by stitching together three layers of fabric, the top which can be made with patchwork blocks, the batting fabric and the back fabric.

      As I read on your comment you live in Guyana, where weather might be warm mostly, but there are quilts made with thin batting or without batting (Summer quilts) and they will add a beautiful touch to any bedroom. 


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