Does Sewing Thread Have Expiration Date? (Read This First)

When you love to sew, soon you may have a few different thread spools, that you have bought from the store or a friend who knows that you love sewing, and might gift you with a bag full of vintage spools. But as you might be wondering, thread can get old and might not keep all its quality to help you to work with ease on your projects.

Does Sewing Thread Have Expiration Date? Yes, you’re sewing thread can go bad if it is kept for a long time, due to changes of temperature, moist and sunlight exposure. You might not get an expiry date on each thread spool, but it should be stored right to last and to be used on any project.

High quality sewing thread can last in optimal conditions to be used on you’re sewing projects for many years, you won’t have many problems with color fading if you use light color thread, but when talking about color thread, it’s always better to store it where is protected from direct sunlight.

Sewing thread doesn’t come with an expiry date, but it might get weaker with time, and old thread might often break as you try to sew a project with it and your stitching won’t last as it should do.

Old thread can be used for basting a project or to sew a small project done by hand stitching, avoid to use old thread in a sewing machine.

How To Test If You’re Sewing Thread Has Gone Bad?

When you have been keeping you’re sewing thread for a long time, you might wonder if you still can use it on your projects, there is a simple test to check if your thread is still good to use.

Cut one piece from your thread about 10 to 12 inches (30 to 40 cm) and take it with your two hands, pull it on until it breaks, if your thread has some resistency before breaking, then your thread is good to use, but if it breaks easily and it didn’t take any strength from you to break it, then it might get bad, it’s better not to use it on your projects will not last long or your thread will often break as you sew on with it.

Another thing to pay attention to is color fading, as thread spools might be left for some time where they get some sunlight, if the quality is not good, the color of your thread might be fading, it will be better not to use it on a project as the stitching will show more, unless you use this thread for some small projects where the stitching is not important or it will never be shown.

If the color of your thread has faded but it still has good strength to be used, you always can use this thread for basting your projects.

An Easy Way To Know If You’re Sewing Thread Got Old

When you’re working on a project and you notice that the thread you’re using in you’re sewing machine breaks often or if you notice that the needle in you’re sewing machine gets lots of lint on it, whether you get one of these two signs or just one, it’s a sign that your thread is not good anymore to be used on any project. You need to change your thread and do a quick maintenance on you’re sewing machine to clean it from all the lint, and use a new thread spool.

Does Cotton Thread Go Bad?

As cotton thread is made with natural fibers, this thread can deteriorate easier than other fibers, for this reason you might want to buy cotton thread from well-known brands.

Does Polyester Thread Go Bad?

Polyester thread color may fade over the years if is kept where it is exposed to sunlight, but it will keep its quality and strength, this thread can be used on many different projects as it is made with synthetic fibers it will last longer. Keep any polyester color thread safe from sunlight.

3 Things You Need To Keep Your Thread Good To Sew

There are a few factors that can help to keep your thread good to be used on you’re sewing projects for a longer time, so lets take a look to these 3 factors:

1. Light – When any thread is kept where it gets direct or indirect sunlight, it will get weak and color fade fast. Keep your thread stored in a box where the sunlight doesn’t get or in a closed drawer.

2. Humidity – If you live in a place with low humidity, your thread might get brittle, and if you live in a place with high humidity, your thread might get sticky, both situations are not good for your thread, if you notice your thread gets too brittle or sticky, it might be time to get a new thread for your projects.

3. Dust – This can be the enemy number one for textiles, furniture and many other things in your home, and thread is not immune to dust either, for this reason it is better to keep your thread in a closed box.

Closing Thoughts

When you love to sew, you will be using thread on all your projects, soon you will have a good collection of thread of different types and color.

Thread is not cheap, and if you don’t store your thread properly it can go bad and you won’t be able to use it anymore, but if you know how to store it properly it can last for many years and you won’t have any problem at a time to work on a new project.

We hope you find the answer to the question if thread has an expiration date or not, in reality no spool comes with an expiration date, but thread can get old and it won’t be good to be used on any project.

A few tips to store your thread properly will make your thread to last for many years.

Happy Sewing!

Does Sewing Thread Have Expiration Date